Inland quote disclaim english

These rates are valid within 15 days and apply only to general cargo non-hazardous, if you cargo is considered dangerous please make sure that your sales representative did include and considered this condition into the quote. This service offer is subject to our terms and conditions available at

Transit time table

*Based upon LTL Cargo service perception. These numbers are provided only as reference, they must no be considered as an absolute value nor for decision making.

All rates subject to equipment availability at time of booking. Unless otherwise specified transit times are standard - estimated, pick up day, saturdays, sundays and holidays do not count for transit. Pick up dates are not guaranteed, carriers would complete the pick up process usually within 48 hrs for LTL (Less Than TruckLoad) and 72 hrs for partial and FTL (Full TruckLoad). Rural areas or far from main city center may take more days to complete.

The description is a key factor to determine the inland freight in North-America, all requests sent without a proper description represent great risk and it could affect the charges and carrier liability dramatically. We suggest you to review and reconsider your description, weight, pieces and dimensions accurately before you use these rates in a definitive manner. Rates are calculated based on the details provided, any difference in weight, dimensions or description may change transit days and price. Extra charges due to difference in weight, pieces, dimensions or class may be invoiced many days after the delivery was completed.

Pallets that exceed 2,000 lbs. and/or shipments of 5 or more standard-sized (48" x 40" x 96") pallet spaces and/or 12 or more linear feet of trailer space may have additional cost or be considered as a Full Truck Load. Cargo density must be above 6 Lbs per cubic foot otherwise it may have special considerations. Carrier should be able to handle cargo in pallets either with a forklift or a liftgate, otherwise it could be rejected or generate extra charges.

The shipper receives documents and instructions from LTL Cargo, failure to comply with it may cause loss of control and extra costs to the payee. Any change requested after the pick up is complete would also generate extra charges.

If your freight requires specialized equipment or oversize permits, the above quotes will be invalid except if properly specified. Special equipments, full truck and partial truck rates are subject to equipment availability, it could take several days to cover.

Damage, loss, delays caused by acts of god or bad weather conditions would not be considered for claims and disputes. Cargo must be in pallets, properly and professionally packed for domestic and/or international transportation accordingly, any dispute or claim for cargo that does not comply with the standards established by the National Motor Freight Association would not be taken into consideration.

The carrier’s liability in the event of loss or damage is limited. Contact your sales representative to request details about the maximum liability and request additional insurance if needed. More details at The cargo that for any reason requires to be returned to shipper must be inspected by the carrier or LTL Cargo otherwise the return trip may not be convered by the carrier liability policy.

All invoices must be paid in full to our bank. All bank comissions must be assumed by the customer.

CANADA SHIPMENTS NOTICE: If your cargo crosses from CANADA to the US, your quote will include a cross-border fee; a document known as IT (In Transit) or T&E (Transit and Export) will be issued by our customs broker in order to deliver cargo to a bonded warehouse in Miami. You will need to contact your agent to review possible additional costs derived from this figure.

The contents of this rate proposal are confidential, re-sending or using this information to obtain benefits is unethical and illegal.