Insurance reference sheet

Policy specifics

Please refer to this text for insurance policy specific wording. Clic here

Restricted/Unapproved  Commodities  and  Countries  

Commodities  listed  as  unapproved  require  prior  approval  from  the  underwriter  prior  to  attachment  for  coverage  broader   than  Free of Particular Average (F.P.A.)  excluding  theft,  pilferage,  and  non-­‐delivery.  

Restricted Commodities

The  following  goods  are  insured  subject  to  limited  conditions  as  per  policy  (this  is  a   summary  of  conditions  shown;  please  request  the complete  policy  for  specific  wording),   packed  in  approved  overseas  packaging.  Summary  of  Insuring  Conditions  per Commodities:

Wine,  liquors,  beers  and  similar  spirits  in  export   packing  
All-­‐Risk,  pilferage  and  breakage,  subject  to  a  1%  deductible  (minimum   $250)   

Automobiles  &  Motorcycles  (less  than  10  model   years  old  not  to  exceed  $50,000.00  per  vehicle)  
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  a  pre-­‐shipment  survey  or  also  excluding  claims  for   scratching,  denting,  marring,  chipping,  rust,  oxidation,  discoloration,   subject  to  a  3%  deductible  (minimum  $250)  

Bagged  commodities  in  door-­‐to-­‐door  containers   
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  a  3%  deductible  (minimum  $250)  

Yachts-­‐Watercraft  new  &  used  (not  more  than  3   years  of  age,  not  exceeding  $50,000.00  per   vehicle,  nor  in  excess  of  30  ft.  in  length  )  
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  a  3%  deductible  (minimum  $250).  Warrant   professionally  packed  as  determined  by  mode  of  transportation.  No   coverage  shall  be  granted  hereunder  while  the  watercraft  is  being   operated  under  its  own  power.  

Chinaware,  Glassware,  Marble,  Ceramic,  Granite,   and  other  similar  fragile  items  
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  a  5%  deductible  (minimum  $250)  

Perishable  Cargo  in  Approved  Overseas  Packing   
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  a  24-­‐hour  breakdown  clause  

Household  goods  and  personal  effects  –   professionally  packed  
All-­‐Risk,  subject  to  3%  deductible  (minimum  $250).  Itemized  valued   inventory  and  professional  packing  required.  

Steel  sheets,  coils,  and  similar  merchandise   
All-­‐Risk,  excludes  marring,  scratching,  chipping,  denting  and  breakage.   Subject  to  a  3%  deductible  (minimum  $250).  Itemized  value  inventory   must  accompany  shipment.  Fragile  articles  are  to  represent  not  more   than  10  of  the  insured  value   

Steel  sheets,  coils,  and  similar  merchandise   
All-­‐Risk,  excluding  rust,  oxidation,  discoloration,  and  crimping  

Steel  pipe,  tubing,  rods  and  similar  merchandise   
Containerized:  All-­‐Risk,  excluding  rust,  oxidation,  discoloration,  and   corrosion.     Non-­‐containerized:  All-­‐Risk,  excluding  rust,  oxidation,  discoloration,   corrosion,  bending,  twisting,  and  end  damage.  

Unapproved  Commodities 

The  following  goods  are  insured  subject  to  limited  conditions:  

• Ocean  shipments  insured  FPA (Free of Particular Average ),  excluding  theft,  pilferage  and  non-­‐delivery  at  policy  FPA   rates  
• Air  shipments  insured  at  rates  and  conditions  to  be  specified  and  agreed  upon  at  time   of  declaration  

Aircrafts,  parts,  engines   Animals  (live)   Antiques   Art  works,  Fine  Arts   Bank  Notes   Blood/Blood  Products   Bulk  Commodities   Cellular  telephones   Computer  Chips  &  Boards   Computer  Software  &  Games  

Containers   Contractor’s  Equipment  (non-­‐ containerized)   Currency   Eggs  in  the  Shell   Furs   Gems  &  Precious  Stones   Gold  &  Bullion   Jewelry  (non-­‐costume)   Laptops/Computers   Perfumed  Products   Plants/Flowers  

Plasma  TV’s   Precious  Metals   Securities,  Monies   Silver  Items   Stamps   Tobacco  Products/  Cigarettes   Used  merchandise   Value  paper   Watches  

*Computer  accessories  such  as  glare  screens,  wrist  rests,  monitors,  mice,  keyboards,  printers,  etc.  are  approved 

Unapproved  Countries  

Shipments  to  or  from  any  of  the  following  countries  may  only  be  insured  after  obtaining  the  underwriter’s  approval:  

Afghanistan  (Taliban)   Algeria   Angola  (UNITA)   Burma  (Myanmar)   Burundi   Congo,  Democratic  Republic   of  Congo  (formerly  Zaire)  
Cuba   Iran   Iraq   Lebanon   Liberia   Somalia   Sudan  
Libya   Nigeria   North  Korea   OFAC  restricted  countries   Sierra  Leone     
Syria   Yemen,  People’s  Republic  of   Yemen  (North  and  South   Yemen)   Zaire  (Congo)   Zimbabwe